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The Penguin Press to publish Pandora’s Box by Ronan Farrow

Ann Godoff, President and Editor-in-Chief of The Penguin Press, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), today announced the acquisition of Pandora’s Box: How American Military Aid Creates America’s Enemies by Ronan Farrow. Godoff and Scott Moyers, Vice President and Publisher of The Penguin Press, acquired the book and Moyers will serve as its editor.

Pandora’s Box is a hard-hitting investigation of a surprising dark side of America’s role in the world, drawing on Ronan Farrow’s experiences as a young diplomat working with powerful decision-makers and in volatile trouble spots. It provides a missing puzzle piece in people’s understanding of some of the biggest international crises in recent memory. And it tells readers how to mobilize to make a difference in those crises,” Godoff said. “But it’s also a personal exploration of a generation’s struggle with how to stand with its government without losing its principles.”

“People are tired of watching the same policies backfire time and time again while being told that this is just the way things are done. We need to understand how we got here—and how to change it,” said Farrow. “That’s why I’m writing this book. Also it got too long for a tweet.”

Moyers added, “Ronan Farrow marries a set of remarkable boots-on-the-ground experiences with a sharp wit, a passionate moral vision and a great storyteller’s gift for conveying the stakes of this global drama in intimate human terms. The stories he tells in Pandora’s Box are provocative, poignant and even darkly funny. He shows us why ‘Who fights for America?’ is a loaded question all around the world, and indeed, right here at home. Ultimately, through this book, Ronan Farrow fights for America. It’s a book that inspires all of us to play a role in shaping America’s legacy worldwide.”

In the deal for North American rights, Farrow was represented by Lynn Nesbit of Janklow & Nesbit Associates. The book is tentatively scheduled for publication in 2015.

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